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Mangoes, Karonda, aamra, Chilies are dried under sun and then mixed with salt, pepper and different spices under the mustard oil. In order to increase the shelf life a layer of mustard oil is added when packed.

The product is avaliable as:

Small: 200Grams.

Medium: 400 Grams.

Large: 1 Kg.


Return Policy

  • All food products are non-returnable.

Mixed Pickle

Taxes Included
    1. Keep away from extreme temperature .
    2. Store at room temperature.
    3. Shake the jar before use.
    4. Please use clean spoon to takeout the pickle from the jar.
    • Green Mangoes
    • Karonda
    • Green Chilies
    • Aamra
    • Ginger
    • Salt & Spices
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