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This product is an ayurvedic medicine used for abdominal ailments. Sochal Salt, Black salt are the main ingredients. This medicine cures chronic indigestion, constipation, flatulence and gastritis.

The Product is avaliable in

Small: 60 Grams.


Return Policy

  • All food products are non-returnable.

Vaskar Laban Churan

Taxes Included
    1. Keep away from extreme temperature .
    2. Store at room temperature.
    3. Don't keep the can open. Otherwise the product will get wet & sticky.
    • SaindhaNamak
    • Sochal Salt
    • Dhaniya
    • Kala Jira 
    • Tejpatra 
    • Kali Mirch 
    • Jira  
    • Anardana 
    • Dal Chini 
    • BadiElaichi
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